Embedding Personalized Images and Timers with Nifty Images

With Nifty Images, you can create free, personalized images for your outgoing emails.

How does this work?

Nifty Images is a service which will provide customized images and timers in an email. Using Databank merge codes, you can change portions of the text in the image to match the data in your Databank. You can also create dynamic timers as well as ones with an absolute date.

Using Nifty Images to create personalized content

First, visit Nifty Images and create a free account.

Once your account is created, you can browse through their provided images, or upload you own.

Personalize your text using the built-in editor, and including the First Name field.


Change the ESP (email service provider) to Databank, this will insert Databank specific merge codes (only First Name and Email merge codes are provided by default).

Alternately, you can go make a timer instead of the personalized image.

Grab the URL of the image and insert it in your PowerMail issue where your image would normally go.


Revel in the awesomeness.


Find out more about creating personalized images and timers at Nifty Images.

Inserting the image into your PowerMail issue

Copy the UrL provided by Nifty Images.

Paste the URL in the URL field of your Image Block.


Please note that the URL field only appears once an image has been added to the email. We suggest using a generic placeholder image.

The image in your email will now have personalized text (or a dynamic countdown timer) when sent to your recipients.

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